I was born in Inglewood, California and, thanks to Christian parents, attended Inglewood Christian School till 8th grade then Inglewood High.  The summer between 8th grade and high school I was invited by my coach at Inglewood Christian, Bill Miles, to attend a revival meeting at Crenshaw Christian Church in Inglewood.  That night, an evangelist, G. Roland Bond, gave a gospel presentation and I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior.  That was July 29, 1959.   I was baptized two days later on Sunday.  I drove myself to church as a teenager until 1964.

And in 1964 I left for Kentucky to live on a southern plantation in Mt. Sterling and in 1967 graduated from the Univ. of Kentucky with a degree in Chemistry. Being disconnected from my church and Christian friends, I strayed from the Lord.  After three years as a research scientist in cancer research and surgical research at the Univ. of Kentucky Medical Center I went to Los Angeles to attend the USC dental school.  After graduating in 1973 I was in private practice until 1976 when I began my specialty training in Endodontics at Boston University.  There, as the Lord was beginning to draw me back in, I began to watch Jerry Falwell on TV in Boston.  After graduating from BU in 1978 I landed in Visalia, California.  Soon thereafter I began to seek out a church to fill a need that was burning in me.

One day I saw an ad in the Visalia newspaper that Sumner Wemp was holding a week of meetings at Faith Baptist Church.  I remembered seeing Sumner on Jerry Falwell’s Old Time Gospel Hour every week.  I knew this is where God wanted me.  After a time there I began to teach, first Bible studies then Sunday School.  I realized quickly that I needed to learn the Bible better.  So I enrolled in Grace Theological Seminary(then Grace Graduate School) and graduated with a Master’s degree in Biblical Studies in 1987.  I never felt called to be a pastor.  I just wanted to be a better teacher.  In 1981 I started the Visalia Men’s Institute at Faith Baptist Church in Visalia, California.  My goal was to teach men the New Testament word-for-word.  I felt called to teach men because I knew that if the Word changed men it would change the entire family, community and even country.  By 1983 over 100 men from all over Visalia from many churches were attending.  I taught similar men’s studies in Porterville, Hanford, Tulare, and Reedley, all at the request of men in those towns who were lacking such teaching.  The Lord blessed these studies greatly. In 1987 I started the Berean Graduate School of Theology and Bible Institute.  We offered four master’s degrees and were fully accredited.  Unfortunately, it closed some years later.

I have taught hundreds of men over the years.  Many men and their wives have been saved and baptized as a result of these ministries. We meet every Wednesday at 6:30 AM at Central Valley Christian School and lack three New Testament books from teaching the whole NT word-for-word.  It has taken 32 years.  My desire is that the Lord finds me faithful.

I still find my greatest joy in my Christian life is teaching God’s Word.  This website is just an extension of that joy.  I, like you, want to hear: “well done, good and faithful servant, You have been faithful over a little, I will set you over much.  Enter into the joy of your master”.  Matthew 25:21.

I am married to the greatest wife ever- Sarah.  We have one son Brady and two wonderful daughters, Marisa and Alana, and four beautiful grandchildren.

Personal note:  The verse on the home page picture, II Tim 2:15, is the verse we said every day at Inglewood Christian School.  Who could’ve known!!

Blessings from your teacher

Gal. 2:20

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